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About Grand Opening Week

The American Enterprise Institute invites you to join us the week of November 28 for the official opening of our new headquarters.

Each day will feature events that reflect our commitment to promoting a competition of ideas, covering topics such as the future of conservatism, the state of America's college campuses, the congressional agenda for 2017, and the direction of US foreign policy.

grand opening week schedule

Tuesday 11/29
  • A conversation with Sue Desmond-Hellmann, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    AEI President Arthur Brooks hosts the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO Susan Desmond-Hellmann for a conversation on how private philanthropy can advance global public health. More information. 

  • Conservatism: What now?

    AEI’s Arthur Brooks, Ramesh Ponnuru, and Jonah Goldberg will discuss the key questions conservatives face moving beyond the 2016 election with National Review's Rich Lowry. More information. 

Wednesday 11/30
  • Campus politics: Free speech in universities

    For the first part of “The state of the American campus” series, join us at AEI to delve into recent campus political trends with Professor Jonathan Zimmerman and a panel of assorted guests. More information.

  • The examined life: Robert George and Cornel West on the purpose of liberal arts education

    For the second part of “The state of the American campus” series, join AEI as Robert George and Cornel West, two of America’s most prominent public intellectuals on opposite ends of the political spectrum, come together to discuss the value and transcendence of a liberal arts education. More information.

Thursday 12/01
  • Setting priorities for governing in 2017

    Please join us as AEI experts with a broad spectrum of policy expertise outline the most pressing domestic, economic, and foreign policy challenges facing our country and put forward a series of corresponding policy proposals. More information.

  • Conservatism in the 115th Congress

    Representative Bill Flores (R-TX), who has chaired the RSC during the 114th Congress, and Representative Mark Walker (R-NC), incoming RSC chairman for the 115th Congress, will share their thoughts on the future of the conservative movement.More information.

Friday 12/02
  • How has immigration affected native workers? A discussion with Harvard labor economist George J. Borjas

    At this AEI event, Harvard labor economist George J. Borjas and George Washington Professor Steven V. Robert will discuss Dr. Borjas’ thesis that immigration has not helped nonimmigrant workers. More information.


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